Leftover Nuggets: Table For Mom

I see you over there. It’s summer break and your kids are all home. You burned through your list of summer activities in four days and now you’re lying to your kids – saying it’s going to rain so you don’t have to squeeze back into that swimsuit. You throw together another round of PBJ’s and dino nuggets on paper plates. Don’t worry, those apple slices, TOTALLY healthy. Mom win all the way!

You pick those paper plates up off the table and head to the trash, stopping for a quick second to finish off those three half-eaten dino nuggets and the two crusts of PBJ’s. All of this after your two handfuls of frosted flakes and a Diet Coke you ate for breakfast. You hang your head as you walk into the living room to threaten your arguing kids for the sixth time today.

We manage to take decent care of our kids. They’re all still alive, right? They’re all still healthy enough to argue back every time you open your mouth and repetitively tell you they’re bored, aren’t they? Relax momma, you’re doing alright. So why are you completely neglecting yourself? Three of your toes have a tiny blue arc of leftover polish, your hair needed dyed four weeks ago and cut four months ago. Your legs need shaven and you haven’t seen a dentist since your little nugget eaters were still crawling on all fours. That one tooth aches but not bad enough to make you do anything about it.

You hear it all the time…. you must take care of yourself first. It’s the reason you must put your oxygen mask on first before helping other people on a plane. You’re not much help to others if you’re gasping for air. It’s great in thought, it makes sense. It’s just easier said than done. We’re moms. We’re not programmed to take care of ourselves first. We give our best and often our all to our families. After that we dole some out for work and don’t forget dinner and the house. When the evening rolls around, I’m on empty. On the rare occasion that I have anything left after the kids are in bed, I don’t want to paint my toenails. I want to fill our big, plastic Shrek bowl full of Cookies & Cream ice cream and watch Wicked Tuna on National Geographic with my husband. That’s what feels important. Eventually an event will come along, a wedding or the like. You’ll be forced to cut and dye your hair. You’ll have to shave your legs and paint your toenails. But the dentist is just going to have to wait. Enjoy the heck out of that reception dinner while you’re out. It’s back to half-eaten dino nuggets and PBJ crusts tomorrow. It’s the #momlife

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