Put Down the “BOY MOM” Shirts and Mentor A Child


I lost it today. In all fairness, it’s been building for a while. I thought it was another stupid fad that would wear out its 15 minutes and we’d all move onto something else…..but it didn’t:


T-shirts, hashtags – What are you thinking, ladies? This latest tub of crazy in the mommy wars to one-up each other has gone too far this time. Whether you’ve taken this as yet another opportunity to make yourself look and feel better than other moms or you’ve turned your disappointment into a way to feel superior – knock it off. Many of the people in my life wearing these shirts tried repeatedly for a girl. How many conversations did we have about it? They have families full of beautiful boys and guess what? That’s awesome! Just as awesome as the families full of little girls or families full of both.

The last thing little girls need in this world are more reasons to feel less than their male counterparts. Every single one of you ladies wearing the shirts or typing the hashtags have experienced it, the condescension from a male, the inferiority. Being born female starts us off 10 laps behind in a race that lasts a lifetime. Our ancestors fought for the rights we have now – the right to vote, to be married without being “owned”, to use that silly little brain God gave us. Stop using it to make other women, other little girls feel like less. Shame on you. You’re supposed to be a role model. I don’t care how many sons you have, there is a little girl in your life that looks up to you. You, this person she admires is telling her “Boymom life is the Best Life”? For God’s sake….
Put down the t-shirt and go mentor a child.

Oh and p.s. – I saw #girlmom online yesterday. No. Just No.

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